Stone Down

Photos by Palden Jenkins

© Copyright 2005 Palden Jenkins

Stone Down is the plateau overlooked by the Tor, itself overlooking the town of Glastonbury. It forms the bulk of the Isle of Avalon. It has many fine nooks and crannies, lanes and paths to explore.

Merlin hunts above Stone Down
Gate to the Tor Fair Field Stile on the path from Dod Lane Well House Lane
On the path from Dod Lane Stone Down trees
A Merlin looks for its tea View northwest over Stone Down from the Tor, Mendips behind
Chalice Hill from the Tor Apple Orchards
Flocking starlings in winter Paradise trees
Stile above Edgarley Road near the Ash Well
Edgarley Lane Just above Chalice Well
Well House Lane Cows above Paradise
Tor and Chalice Hill from the Levels

All photos and collage © Copyright Palden Jenkins, 2005. Reproduction in any form .

   Glastonbury Tor 

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