Panorama from the top of Glastonbury Tor

by Heather and Barry Hoon

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To see the full panorama lower down, scroll to the right to see the full 360° view
 – it's 4-6 times the width of your screen.

This is the whole 360° panorama – small version. The big one is below.
The left edge is south. Westwards is to the left and eastwards to the right

Glastonbury Tor - the whole panorama in one screen-width

The next two cover 180° each. Looking west:

From Glastonbury Tor, looking west

Looking east:

From Glastonbury Tor, looking East

Main panorama. This one goes thataway quite a long way   >>>

Street Wearyall Hill and looking west Chalice Hill own centre, and looking toward Meare Windmill Hill in near distance Looking northwest at the Mendips Wells, and looking north North Wootton and Shepton Mallet Pennard Hill Looking east Edgarley Butleigh Looking south

  Photos of the Tor from a distance by Will Glenn.  © Will Glenn, 2000.

   Glastonbury Tor 

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